4th WeGO Awards

GSEF's partner, WeGO, has launched the 4th WeGO Awards - a triennial competition that recognizes and promotes local governments with exemplary projects and solutions that use ICT to help improve the quality of life of citizens. 
We recommend GSEF's friends to apply and  share the smart SSE projects in your city with the world.  
We believe that the categories of "Open and Inclusive City" and "Sustainable City" would be of interest to SSE stakeholders 

*Deadline Extended to July 31, 2020*

All local governments, smart tech solution providers, and public organizations around the world, both members and non-members of WeGO, are eligible to apply.
Smart tech solution providers and public organizations are also eligible to apply on behalf of a city after receiving their approval.

This year, the awards will be given in the following categories:
  • Efficient Government (Public Service Delivery, Accountability, Service Integration, Breaking Down Silos, Interoperability)
  • Emerging Technology (Latest ICT innovations such as AI, Drones, Blockchain, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Edge Computing)
  • Mobility (Efficient Transport, Intelligent Transport Systems, Mixed-Modal Access, Integrated ICT Infrastructure, Parking)
  • Open and Inclusive City (Citizen Participation, Open Data and Privacy, Transparency, Bridging the Digital Divide, Participatory Budgeting, Living Labs, Crowdsourcing)
  • Safe City (Security, Emergency Response, Gas and Fire Detection, Infrastructure Management, Disaster Response)
  • Sustainable City (Green ICT, Waste Management, Water Management, Circular Economy, Lighting, Buildings, Resources Management)
Past Award winners include Seoul, Moscow, Helsinki, Taipei, Abu Dhabi, Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Hong Kong, Kampala, and Singapore.

For more information, please visit http://we-gov.org/4th-wego-awards/