Participation in the 10th Anniversary of MBM

26 ~ 28 Nov, Chamonix

The 7th edition of the Mont Blanc Meetings was held in Chamonix, France at the end of this November. The GSEF secretariat was invited to the meeting with the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG), Ms. Yeon Sook EOM, who is the Director-General of the Employment Planning Bureau in SMG as well as the Secretary General of the GSEF Secretariat temporally, Gave a presentation about Seoul SSE experiences on the 1st day plenary session. The participants of the meetings were showed great interests in the establishment and the role of the Seoul Social Economy Center and in fostering special social economic zones in Seoul.

Along with participating in diverse SSE seminars and workshops, the GSEF had a series of meetings with the MBM representatives and the City of Montreal's authorities to discuss strategic partnership and cooperation each other to promote global SSE initiatives and the GSEF 2016. Throughout the meaningful meetings, The GSEF and the MBM reached a consensus of building mutual cooperation using each entity's strengths and experiences. The Secretariat will propose a detailed partnership with the MBM after gaining feedback from the meeting of the GSEF Steering Committee.

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