Health Innovations for life (HEIN4LIFE)

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décembre 2020

Health Innovations 4 Life (HEIN4LIFE) is a non-profit organization, established in 2019, to uplift the lives and livelihoods of rural communities in Uganda.

HEIN4LIFE’s passion is to improve the health of everyone, through health promotion, sexual and reproductive health service delivery, addressing gender-based violence, and operational research and knowledge development.
It was started by Public health volunteers with the aims of transforming the undeserved communities into problem solvers and transformed.

HEIN4LIFE works with vulnerable groups in rural communities, including women, youth, children and adolescents, many of whose fundamental health concerns are undermined and yet they impact their wellbeing and facilitate their fully participation in social, economic and political spheres. The organization is incorporated in Uganda as charity organization.

It is guided by articles of association and by laws. It has operational policies that guide aspects like financial management, human resources, and assets. Its core programs and activities include economic empowerment of women and adolescents in slum areas, reproductive health services for slum women and mitigating effects of sexual and gender based violence among women in Kampala slums.