Programme GSEF-SHRDC de Renforcement des Capacités sur l'Economie Sociale et Solidaire 2019

28 oct 2019 - 1 nov 2019
Type de projet: 
Echange de connaissances & Formations

Co-organized by GSEF and Seoul Human Resources Development Centre, the Capacity Building Training Programme on SSE was successfully held between 28 October and 1 November.
During the programme, 13 civil servants from 9 countries (12 local governments) were attending as trainees and representatives of GSEF members. They shared their experience of SSE planned or implemented in their governments. 

Participants were coming from: 

Nepal / Bagmati Rural Municipality
Nepal / Tokha
Uganda / Kampala
Indonesia / Bandung
Philippines / Quezon City
Tanzania / Musoma
Kenya / Kisumu
Taiwan / Taipei
Taiwan / New Taipei
Pakistan / Karachi 
South Africa / Durban

The trainees learnt about Seoul's experience of developing Social Economy through its Plan 2.0 which emphasize the creation of an SSE ecosystem, capacity building & market access training by KPMG in Taiwan 安侯建業, the sustainable local development and SSE in Quebec by Chantier de l'économie sociale, legislation & Finance of SSE in Seoul by Prof. Jang Jong-Ik, and Seoul's social economy ecosystem by Seoul Social Economy Support Centre.

GSEF- SHRDC Capacity Building Training Programe on SSE 2019

During this intensive week, trainees also had the opportunity to go for site visits to understand how social economy is developed in Seoul. They visited Seoul Innovation Park which gathers innovators in an environment where they can embark on new experiments based on a connection of their experience. The Park strives to be a group of coordinators, who disseminates the resulting solutions for social issues to the society.
The group also went to Sewoon Arcade which is a symbolic area of Seoul urban regeneration. Under the 1st phase of the 「Remake-Sewoon Project」, the northern part of the Arcade was reborn where conventional manufacturing industry meets with digital devices. In the 2nd phase, it is planned to renovate the southern part of the Arcade into a hub for “creative printing industry” by invigorating the cutting-edge technology and design skills to the long-established printing industry. 
Lastly, the trainees visited Seoul Venture Hub Centre. It is a newly established centre which incubates SSE in different dimensions including office space, finding impact investment and capacity building. 

The trainees found this training informative and inspiring. Although they understand the level of support and infrastructure may vary among cities, there is also a need to develop Social and Solidarity Economy which can help preserving our environment and well-beings of citizens in a sustainable way. The trainees agreed that enhancing awareness and creating an ecosystem are necessary for SSE development. We hope that trainees bring experiences and ideas gained to their local government for developing a sustainable SSE.