Poste à pourvoir au sein du Secrétariat de GSEF

GSEF, an international association for resolving social problems and promoting international solidarity in the field of SSE through partnership between civil SSE organizations and local governments, is looking for an experienced staff and encourages many enthusiastic candidates to apply for this position.


Project Team Manager

Main Responsibilities

  • GSEF Secretariat project planning and development of new projects 
  • GSEF membership member management / international networking & communication and planning of collaboration projects 
  • Development and planning of projects in collaboration with International Organizations (including the organizations who signed MOU with GSEF Secretariat)  
  • Planning of learning sessions and capacity building programs 
  • Communication, promotion and marketing / GSEF online platform management 
  • Supervision of all projects of the Project Team  


  • A Bachelor’s Degree or Master's degree in Social Economy or relevant fields (Business management, Economics, International Law, Public Administration, Marketing, International Cooperation, International Relations, Communications etc.)
  • At least five years of experience in the field of social economy or relevant fields (for those who hold master’s degree); or at least seven years of experiences in the field of social economy or relevant fields (for those who hold undergraduate degree)
  • Previous extensive work experience in projects planning and implementation in cooperation and collaboration with national and international partners and organizations 
  • Ability to present communication strategy and programs for members 
  • Native level of proficiency in English 
  • No restrictions for international traveling 
  • Experience in social economy is desirable 
  • Overseas work or study experience is desirable
  • No restrictions to work in South Korea 

Contract Terms

Contract duration: two years (including probation period of 3 months). The contract is renewable.
*During the 3-month probation period, 90% of the monthly salary will be paid. 

Working hours: 09:00 ~ 18:00 (Monday to Friday)

Working location: GSEF Secretariat (Seoul, Republic of Korea)

Salary: 45,000,000 KRW ~ 50,000,000 KRW per annum (including Korean national pension, industrial accident compensation insurance, employment insurance and national medical insurance coverages)

Annual leave: within 21 days per year

* Final salary scale will be decided through negotiation by taking candidate’s experiences into considerations.
* For a foreign national, there is no additional financial support for relocation of the candidate and their family to Korea

Recruitment process and document requirements

Application timeline

1) Vacancy announcement & application opening

4 ~ 22 Nov (3 weeks)

2) Application closing

22 Nov (by 23:59 Korean time)

3) 1st round : document screening (based on education, experience) Announcement for successful candidate for interviews

26~28 Nov
(Document Screening)

4) 2nd round: in person interview at the GSEF Secretariat
* English interview and eligibility screening 

5 Dec

Announcement for the vacancy: 4 (Mon) ~ 22 (Fri) Nov, 3 weeks
* Application closing on 22 Nov (by 23:59 Korean time)

Application submission: via email (

Document requirements

  • 1 completed application form (template available in the attachment section)
  • 1 cover letter (including motivations for the position, max 1,500 words)
  • Certificates of university degrees and transcripts
  • Proofs of employment
  • Other misc. certificates and supporting documents
  • 1 signed privacy policy agreement form 

* All documents should be submitted in English or Korean.

Additional details

  • Those wishing to submit their application for the position should submit all required documents by the application closing date.
  • All candidates are kindly asked to check whether they meet all the requirements of the position.
  • If there is no successful candidate, the Secretariat will not fill the vacancy and if there is any grounds for disqualification of successful candidate, the contract can be nullified.
  • We ask all candidates to double check their contact information such as email address and mobile phone number.
  • If you need any further details about the position and recruitment process, please contact the GSEF Secretariat via +82(0) 6953 7044 or

Attachment: GSEF Application form