Neighbourside Housing Co-operative Society

Neighbourside Housing Co-operative Society Ltd was formed in 2016. It was officially registered in 2017 as an organisation whose purpose is to economically empower female domestic workers in Kenya.

The organisation is composed of female domestic workers, who have migrated from their rural homes to seek employment in Kenya's capital city, Nairobi. The need to empower them arose from the concern that domestic workers are usually excluded from the local and national development agenda in Kenya - and more generally in Africa. Consequently, they remain voiceless and disempowered in virtually all the areas of their lives. Ultimately, that leads to the lack of human dignity, which causes female domestic workers to live unfulfilled lives.

As an organisation, Neighbourside Housing Co-operative Society's mandate is:
  • To facilitate female domestic workers in Nairobi to operate as housing co-operative
  • To provide capacity building mainly through training and skills development
  • To lobby and advocate for the rights and inclusion of female domestic workers, in line with the 2011 Convention 189 (C189) of the International Labour Organisation
  • To network with relevant organisations locally, regionally and globally for experience-sharing and solidarity-building
  • To create a platform for deliberate economic empowerment of female domestic workers in Kenya
The association's website will soon be developed. In the meantime, feel free to reach out for further information at