Social Economy Story of Seoul

Social Economy of Seoul is evolving through various means such as intermediary support organizations that links the public and private sectors, social finance, customized education and consulting, and system improvement. It is also creating a sustainable ecology by systematic system, development of infrastructure, and development of an organic network. Through legislations such as the Social Enterprise Promotion Act of 2007, Initiation of Community Enterprise Promotion Business of 2010, Co-operative Act of 2012, the Seoul City has been preparing the institutional foundation for vitalization of social economy.


  • 2014
  • 2013
  • 2012
  • 2011
  • 2009-2010
  • 2007
  • 1999
  • Enactment of the Basic Ordinance on Social Economy & GSEF 2014 The Seoul Metropolitan Government enacted the ‘Ordinance and Regulations for the Promotion on Social Economy’ focusing on enhancing the ecosystem of social economy through implementation the five-year plans. And in accordance with the Seoul Declaration, 2014 Inaugural Meeting of the Global Social Economy Forum (GSEF 2014) will be held in Seoul on November to establish a global social economy solidarity.

  • GSEA 2013 The Global Social Economy Forum hosted by Seoul in 2013 successfully promoted a new level of friendly exchanges and cooperation among major regional and municipal governments, especially in terms of sharing ways of solving social issues in each community.

  • Establishment of social economy organizations The city of Seoul actively supported the establishment of social economy organizations such as Seoul Social Economy Center, Seoul Community Business Center, Seoul Youth Hub and Seoul New Start Support Center.

  • Cooperation with civic groups The city of Seoul started to make attempts to resolve the limitations and shortfalls inherent in the previous municipal administration’s policies through cooperation with civic groups advocating social economy in a bid to find ways to make significant qualitative improvements in the foundation of the city’s social economy.

  • Enactment of the Ordinance and Regulations for the Promotion of Social Enterprises The Seoul Metropolitan Government enacted the ‘Ordinance and Regulations for the Promotion of Social Enterprises’ in line with the central government’s policies, and began implementing projects to support social enterprises based in Seoul.

  • Enactment of Social Enterprise Promotion Act The Ministry of Employment and Labor took the lead in enacting the Social Enterprise Promotion Act for the country. On the basis of such a national policy foundation, the Republic of Korea now has more than 800 social enterprises certified by the central government.

  • Institutionalization of Self-sustaining support programs After the financial crisis of 1997-1998, the government of the Republic of Korea has institutionalized and implemented self-sustaining support programs targeting people in low income brackets and social job creation programs initiated by civic groups.

Major Social Economy Policies of Seoul

  • Vitalization of Group Purchase

    - Improvement of Group Purchase Contract System and Promotion of Public Supply Ordinance Policy
    - Foster Enterprises that Develop Competitive Social Economy Product
    - Publicize Education for Bid Contract for Social Economy and Purchase Manager
    - Goal for Vitalization of Group Purchase: (62.2 billion => 80 billion)

  • Operate Permanent Social Economy Market

    - Face-to-Face with the Consumers
    - Create Demand for Circular Publication
    - Derive Scale of the Social Economy Market and Make it Permanent
       (Gwanghwamoon, Chunggye Square, Children’s Grand Park, Autonomous Districts, etc.)
    - Operate Private Organizing Committee for the Marketplace
    - Cooperate with Private Organizations and host a Special Market

  • Develop Support System for each Stages of Growth

    - Develop Integrated Management Support System customized for Social Economy
    - Regular Evaluation of Results and IT Support
    - Enactment of Framework Ordinance for Social Economy
    - Develop Social Economy Cluster based on Regions

  • Discover and Foster Cooperation Strategy Model

    - Develop Cooperation among Social Economy Organizations
       (Shared Warehouse, Shared Installation Equipment, Cooperation Projects, etc.)
    - Reinforcement of Cooperation System among Intermediary Support Organizations
    - Fostering of Outstanding Social Economy Strategy and Expansion of the Model
    - Strategy for Daily Life Sector such asHouse Care and to Discover and Expand Cooperative

  • Total Support for Vitalization of Cooperatives

    - Total Management of Counseling Support Center for Cooperatives
    - Support Education Activities for Counseling of Cooperatives from autonomous district
    - Discover Cooperative Model for Daily Life Cooperative based on Local Community
       (Residence, Dietary Life, Childcare, Education, Culture, Labor, Welfare, Recycling Sectors)
    - Reinforcement of Management Support Program after Establishment
       (Regular Management Support and Profit Model Development Counseling as well as Accounting and IT Support)

  • Inaugural Meeting of the Global Social Economy Forum 2014

    - 2014. 11. 17-19, Seoul City Hall
    - Approx. 50 International Local Governments and Organizations
    - Inaugural Meeting and Global Forum
    - Promotion of Collaboration Business based on Seoul Declaration
    - Establish and Operate Continent Offices
    - Reinforcement of Collaboration with International Organization