Official & Social Events

  • Opening Ceremony
    Opening Ceremony

    2014.11.18. (Tue.) , 09:00~10:00

    The Opening Ceremony will be held in celebration for the Inaugural Meeting of the multilateral Global Social Economy Forum established in accordance with the Seoul Declaration that was adopted by the world’s leading local governments and organizations of the social economy sector. The ceremony will be accompanied with keynote speeches by international social economy actors and actors from a global organization and with welcoming speeches from both the Director of the Seoul Executive Committee and the Mayor of Seoul.

  • Inaugural Meeting and Closing Ceremony

    2014.11.19. (Wed.) , 16:30~18:00

    Planning sessions will be held for the Inauguration of the GSEF 2014 while plenary sessions will be held to stipulate roles and objectives as well as operating principles to promote specific collaboration plans and action plans in order for the GSEF 2014 to be established as a sustainable international organization.

    Inaugural Meeting and Closing Ceremony
  • Welcome Reception
    Welcome Reception

    2014.11.17. (Mon.) , 19:00~21:00

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Executive Committee for GSEF 2014 will provide various means of entertainment such as dinner banquet and Korean traditional events to celebrate the assembly of the experts and leaders of all different sectors of social economy who have come to participate in the Inaugural Meeting and to wish for strong solidarity.

  • Networking Party

    2014.11.18. (Tue.) , 19:30~21:30

    The Networking Party will be held in different sessions divided accordingly by regions and sectors so that people may network more efficiently and actively and share their visions while enjoying various events and light refreshments.

    Networking Party