GSEF 2013 at a Glance

As social economy is receiving acknowledgement as a method of regenerating the local economy through participation and collaboration of the members of the society, the Global Social Economy Forum 2013 was held on November 5th – 7th, 2013 under the theme of ‘Rediscovery of Collaboration’ at the Seoul City Hall.

At the GSEF 2013, the biggest social economy event ever held in Korea, eight innovation cities and approximately hundred-thirty domestic and foreign organizations that are leading social innovation through vitalization of social economy have gathered to share their visions and experience of social economy and to agree on mutual collaboration. More importantly, program such as the keynote speeches and the adaptation of Seoul Declaration were broadcasted live online and were delivered to the general public who could not attend the event.

At this forum, respecting the common opinions of the local government and organization representatives that “vitalization of social economy is essential in overcoming the economic crisis that we all face”, the Seoul Declaration that includes ten action methods to share social economy with even more cities was adopted. The content of Seoul Declaration includes establishment of sustainable social economy network through ‘private-community partnership’. It also includes promotion of exchange and collaboration among major social economy entities, mutual sharing of appropriate educational program development and outcomes, joint development of standard textbook and civilian education program, operate personal exchange program, and sharing research outcomes through the network. Furthermore it also states that in order to implement such plan, the provisional secretariat will be established in Seoul and that the inaugural meeting will be held in the year 2014.

GSEF 2013 Overview

  • Background and Purpose -To promote collaboration and to develop foundation for global social economy solidarity based on mutual understanding among various participants from local government, organization, academics, and general public.
    -To prepare funds to actualize the ‘Seoul as Social Economy Hub of Asia’ vision by strengthening social economy professional competencies through sharing international knowledge.
  • Dates November 5th (Mon.) – 7th (Wed.) 2014
  • Location Seoul City Hall
  • Main Programs -Round table discussion (adoption of Seoul Declaration), opening ceremony, keynote speeches, case studies, breakout sessions, networking party -Exhibition of social enterprise and related organizations, domestic social economy project sitetour for international guests and other additional events

Main Accomplishments

  • Participation of international local governments and organizations that are leaders of social economy

    -8 social innovation local governments (Seoul, Bologna, Emilia Romagna, Quebec State, Kyoto, Yokohama, Quezon, Montreal)
    -9 major organizations (Chantier de l'économiesociale, Legacoop, Groupe SOS, Locality, Social Traders, Hong Kong Council of Social Service, Asia Venture Philanthropy Network, Karl Polanyi Institute of Political Economy)
    -25 international social economy organizations participating in the sessions

  • Establish and Strengthen International Network through sectorial session management

    -Key Note Speech (3), Case Studies of Cities (6), Sectorial Concurrent Sessions (18, in which 100 domestic and foreign organizations participated)
    -Invited Session: 8 sessions, and 20 presenters
    -Concurrent Session: 18 sessions, and 36 presenters

  • Adoption of Seoul Declaration

    -Share of each local governments’ achievements and the necessity for global solidarity, mutual agreement for specific collaboration and personal exchanges, and resolution to establish a global social economy association
    -Agreement to install a provisional secretariat in Seoul and to host inaugural meeting in 2014
    -Provide opportunity to establish social economy solidarity for the first time domestically, in which civilian and governmental sectors collaborate.