Seoul Declaration


The GSEF 2013 made a meaningful step to search for solutions and alternatives of the critical social and economic crises the world is facing today, by proclaiming the Seoul Declaration. Promising establishment of a concrete global solidarity for an effective exchange of social economic experiences among local governments and the NGOs, the Seoul Declaration also includes a plan to launch a global advisory group as an action body for the global solidarity.

The Seoul Declaration stresses the necessity of a multilateral international network of social economy solidarity to solve the global crises, and specifies the location of the provisional secretariat as well as that of the inaugural meeting of the global advisory group in Seoul, 2014.

10 action plans to solidify the global social economy network

the provisional secretariat, which will prepare for the Inaugural Meeting of the GSEF in 2014 (Specific plans for the election of a host city to be discussed at the Inaugural Meeting of the GSEF)

social economy as a solution for global financial crisis, social polarization and the destruction of ecosystem.

that social economy is the most important basis for social innovation, job creation, and dignity restoration


  • January - March

    ㆍ Inauguration of Global Social Economy Forum Seoul Organizing Committee
    ㆍ Invitational Letters to international local governments and organizations

  • June

    ㆍ Confirmation of Participants of the Forum and the Round Table

  • August

    ㆍ First Draft of Seoul Declaration Completed; First Seoul Organizing Committee Meeting to discuss the background and purpose of the Seoul Declaration


    ㆍ Second Seoul Organizing Committee Meeting to discuss promotion direction for the establishment of global social economy network
    ㆍ Third Seoul Organizing Committee to discuss 10 action strategies

  • October

    ㆍ Collection of the Round Table participants’ Opinions on the Seoul Declaration
    ㆍ Completion of Seoul Declaration Draft for Presentation

  • November

    ㆍGlobal Social Economy Forum was held
    ㆍ Seoul Declaration Final Draft was composed and was officially adopted

Round Table Discussion

The 21 round table participants, who had been exchanging comments and feedback on the draft of the Seoul Declaration met at the GSEF 2013, and had round table discussions before finalizing the Seoul Declaration.

Round Table Participants

  • Josefina Belmonte
    Josefina Belmonte
    Vice-Mayor, Quezon City, Philippines
  • David Brookes
    David Brookes
    Managing Director of Social Traders Ltd, Australia
  • Jacques Charest
    Jacques Charest
    CEO of the Fiducie du Chantier de l’économie sociale and President of Cap Finance, Canada
  • Hoi-wai Chua
    Hoi-wai Chua
    Chief Executive-Designate, The Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS), Hong Kong/China
  • Claire Deronzier
    Claire Deronzier
    Québec Delegate General, Government of Québec, Québec, Canada
  • Hiroyuki Fujita
    Hiroyuki Fujita
    Deputy Mayor, Kyoto, Japan
  • Nicolas Hazard
    Nicolas Hazard
    Chairman, Le Comptoir de l’Innovation & Vice-Chairman, Groupe SOS, France
  • Mami Iwamoto
    Mami Iwamoto
    CEO, NPO Human Fellowship & General Coordinator, Shonan-Yokohama Youth Support Station, Japan
  • Tae-in Jung
    Tae-in Jung
    Advisory Committee Chair, GSEF 2013 Organizing Committee, Republic of Korea
  • Shinya Koibuchi
    Shinya Koibuchi
    Director General of the Child and Youth Bureau, City of Yokohama, Japan
  • Johanne Lavoie
    Johanne Lavoie
    Social Economy Commissioner, City of Montreal, Canada
  • Wonjae Lee
    Wonjae Lee
    Economy Journalist & Director of International Relations, GSEF 2013 Organizing Committee, Republic of Korea
  • Teresa Marzocchi
    Teresa Marzocchi
    Deputy Governor for the Promotion of Integration and Social Policies
  • Marguerite Mendell
    Marguerite Mendell
    Director, Karl Polanyi Institute of Political Economy, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada
  • Virginio Merola
    Virginio Merola
    Mayor, City of Bologna, Italy
  • Giovanni Monti
    Giovanni Monti
    Chairman, Legacoop Emilia-Romagna, Italy
  • Nancy Neamtan
    Nancy Neamtan
    President/Executive Director, Chantier, Québec, Canada
  • Wonsoon Park
    Wonsoon Park
    Mayor, Seoul, Republic of Korea
  • Kyong Yong Song
    Kyong Yong Song
    Chairman, GSEF 2013 Organizing Committee, Republic of Korea
  • Jess Steele
    Jess Steele
    Associate Director: Community Organising, Locality, UK
  • Kevin Teo
    Kevin Teo
    COO, Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN), Singapore