mayor of seoul

Welcome Message

It is our great pleasure to warmly welcome you to the Inaugural Meeting of Global Social Economy Forum 2014 (GSEF 2014) happening from the 17th to 19th November.

This year’s Inaugural Meeting organized by Seoul Metropolitan Government and Seoul Organizing Committee will be a showcase for innovative cities and organizations dealing with social problems through invigorating social economy. The participants will be able to share their experiences, visions and agree to cooperate which could result in creating new networks.

What makes GSEF 2014 special is the coincidence of ‘Inaugural Meeting’ and ‘Forum’. The first launches a flexible and multilateral network that is based on ‘Seoul Declaration’ adopted by eight innovative cities and nine private organizations last year’s GSEF 2013 and the latter provides you with various programmes. After all, GSEF 2014 will promote exchange among all the participants under cooperation and solidarity of both experts and activists in the fields of social economy.

By suggesting a new agenda for the better future for us all, Seoul has come across a great opportunity to recognize its global positioning as a hub of Asian social economy. For this year as well, we want to suggest putting our heads together to make a road that could lead everyone to happiness. We will wholeheartedly look forward your interest, support and participation.