Global Advisory Group

Global Advisory Group is made up of the representatives from the private organizations and cities that participated in Round Table Discussion in which the participants discussed about ‘Seoul Declaration’ and its adoption. The group is also an executive/advisory group for putting Seoul Declaration into practice.
The members of Global Advisory Group still put their heads together to share opinions centered on the main contents of Seoul Declaration that are building a public-civil-community partnership, exchange and cooperation among the main agents of social economy, research and sharing, establishing a concrete plan for supporting developing countries through social economy.

Progress of the Global Advisory Group’s Discussion regarding the lnauguration of GSEF

  • 2014
  • 2014
  • 2014
  • 2013
  • •Seoul Social Economy Festival
    •Jeju Special Self-Governing Province confirms its participation
    •Gwangju Metropolis confirms its participation

  • •Participation from the Thailand Social Enterprise Office and City of Bologna are confirmed / Information Session regarding GSEF sessions are held and Session Registration opens
    •Discussions on shifting from GSEA to GSEF are organized and recorded
    •Slogan and 5 major themes for GSEF 2014 are confirmed
    •Karl Polanyi Institute of Political Economy begins inviting City of Naples / Seoul Organizing Committee begins inviting international local governments and organizations
    •GSEF Proposals are send out to major social economy local governments and social organizations around the world
    •Discussion on the Vision, Purpose, and Mission of the newly establishing association / Attended Global Social Enterprise Network and proposed to major social economy actors such as Unlimited and Locality
    •Chantier de l'économie sociale begins inviting local governments and organizations of the Central and South Americas

  • •Inauguration of the GSEA Seoul Organizing Committee
    •Location Confirmation
    •GSEF 2013 Seoul Organizing Committee suggests inaugurating the Global Social Economy Association (GSEA) to the Seoul Declaration Signees
    •Responses from the signees are organized and recorded
    •GSEF 2013 Seoul Organizing Committee is reorganized as GSEA 2014 Seoul Organizing Committee
    •Beginning of preparation towards inauguration of GSEA

  • •Evaluation and Reporting of Results
    •8 local governments and 9 social organizations agrees to establish a global social economy association for international solidarity of social economy by selecting the Seoul Declaration (Provisional Secretariat for the preparation of the inauguration is established in Seoul)

Global Advisory Group

  • Seoul Metropolitan Government

    seoul city
    Wonsoon Park
    Wonsoon Park Mayor
    Contry. Republic of Korea
    District. 25
    Area. 605.21km2
    Population. 10 million
    Density. 17,000 /km2

    The capital city of the Republic of Korea. Now in its 600th year of official history, Seoul, the capital city of the Republic of Korea, is a city where Korea’s traditional and modern cultures coexist.

  • Bologna City

    Bologna City
    Virginio Merola
    Virginio Merola Mayor
    Contry. Italy
    Region Emilia-Romagna
    Area. 140.7 km2
    Population. 0.4 million
    Density. 2,700 /km2

    The largest city and the capital of Emilia-Romagna Region. The social economy is well embedded in the city of Bologna with a large number of private organizations established for social purposes

  • City of Yokohama

    City of Yokohama
    Shinya Koibuchi
    Shinya Koibuchi Director General of the Child and Youth Bureau
    Contry. Japan
    Prefecture Kanagawa
    Area. 437.38 km2
    Population. 3.7 million
    Density. 8,500 /km2

    The city with the second largest population in Japan. For the past 150 years, Yokohama has played a significant role in Japan’s modernization and internationalization as Japan’s gateway of exchange to the world.

  • Emilia-Romagna Regional Government

    Emilia-Romagna Regional Government
    Teresa Marzocchi
    Teresa Marzocchi

    Deputy Governor for the Promotion of Integration and Social Policies, Immigration, Volunteers, Associations and Third Sector

    Contry. Italy
    Area. 22,447 km2
    Population. 4.4 million
    Density. 200 /km2

    The region with the third highest GDP per capita in Italy. Emilia-Romagna is considered to be one of the richest European regions. It boasts a well-balanced economy that comprises Italy’s biggest agricultural sector as well as a long-standing tradition in automobile and manufacturing.

  • Government of Québec

    Government of Québec
    Claire Deronzier
    Claire Deronzier Québec Delegate General
    Contry. Canada
    Area. 1,542,056 km2
    Population. 1.5 million
    Density. 1,800 /km2

    Canada's largest province by area. The social economy is an essential aspect of Québec's socio-economic structure. This year, Québec became part of a major international trend by adopting framework legislation on the social economy. In this respect, the province is a pioneer in North America.

  • Kyoto City

    Kyoto City
    Hiroyuki Fujita
    Hiroyuki Fujita Deputy Mayor
    Contry. Japan
    Prefecture Kyoto
    Area. 827.90 km2
    Population. 1.5 million
    Density. 1,800 /km2

    Formerly the imperial capital of Japan. Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan, has blended diverse cultures through its long history of more than 1,200 years, and is called the spiritual home of Japanese people.

  • Montreal City

    Montreal City
    Johanne Lavoie
    Johanne Lavoie Social Economy Commissioner
    Contry. Canada
    District. Québec
    Area. 431.50 km2
    Population. 1.6 million
    Density. 4,518 /km2

    The second-largest city in Canada. Montreal, the world's second largest French-speaking city, is a dynamic cultural metropolis. Founded 400 years ago, Montreal now combines old-world charms with North American efficiency.

  • Quezon City

    Quezon City
    Johanne Lavoie
    Johanne Lavoie Social Economy Commissioner
    Contry. Philippines
    Region Calabarzon
    Area. 9,069.60 km2
    Population. 1.7 million
    Density. 190/km2

    The province named after the second President of the Philippines. Recently ranked as one of the top 10 Asian Cities of the Future by Financial Times, Quezon City is one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the Philippines today.

  • Organizing Committee of the 2013 GSEF

    Organizing Committee of the 2013 GSEF
    Kyong Yong Song
    Kyong Yong Song COO
    Tae-in Jung
    Tae-in Jung Advisory Committee Chair
    Wonjae Lee
    Wonjae Lee Economy Journalist & Director of International Relations

    Organizing Committee of the 2013 GSEF
    Republic of Korea

    Seoul Organizing Committee of the 2013 GSEF is comprised of representatives drawn from expert groups in both public and civil society sectors on social economy in Seoul. The committee has developed a series of high quality programs which ensured an exciting mix of technical and social events to take place at the 2013 GSEF.

  • AVPN Asia

    AVPN Asia
    Kevin Teo
    Kevin Teo COO

    Asian Venture Philanthropy Network

    The Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN) is a non-profit organization based in Singapore with membership across the Asian region. AVPN aims to build a vibrant and high impact venture philanthropy community across the Asia Pacific region. AVPN has more than 130 members from over 20 countries.

  • Chantier de l’économie sociale Canada

    Chantier de l’économie sociale Canada
    Jacques Charest
    Jacques Charest CEO of the Fiducie du Chantier de l’économie sociale and President of Cap Finance
    Nancy Neamtan
    Nancy Neamtan President/Executive Director

    Chantier de l’économie sociale

    The Chantier de l’economie sociale is an independent non-profit organization whose goal is to promote and develop the social economy as an integral part of Québec’s socio-economic infrastructure and as an essential component of a new model of devlopment.

  • Groupe SOS

    Groupe SOS
    Nicolas Hazard
    Nicolas Hazard Chairman, Le Comptoir de l’Innovation & Vice-Chairman

    Groupe SOS

    Groupe SOS is a non-profit social enterprise. It comes to grips with all forms of social poverty, from health and housing issues to unemployment. In all its activities, Groupe SOS conveys the respect of the beneficiary as its core value.


    Hoi-wai Chua
    Hoi-wai Chua Chief Executive-Designate

    Hong Kong Council of Social Service
    Hong Kong /China

    The Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS), is an umbrella organization over 400 Agency Members, that provide over 90% of the social welfare services for those in need through their 3,000 service units all over Hong Kong.

  • K2 International Group

    K2 International Group
    Hoi-wai Chua
    Mami Iwamoto

    CEO, NPO Human Fellowship & General Coordinator, Shonan- Yokohama Youth Support Station

    K2 International Group

    K2 International Group is an organization that has provided supports from basic life support to economic independence, to the vulnerable social group who cannot adjust to the society, such as school refusal and hikikomori (odd one out in seclusion) since 1989.

  • Legacoop Emilia-Romagna

    Legacoop Emilia-Romagna
    Hoi-wai Chua
    Giovanni Monti Chairman

    Legacoop Emilia-Romagna

    Legacoop Emilia Romagna is the main organization representing co-operatives in Emilia Romagna and uniting co-operatives and their economic subsidiaries in various sectors. Legacoop Emilia Romagna brings together 1,500 enterprises, representing more than 2.5 million members, and 30 billion of production value.

  • Legacoop Bologna

    Legacoop Bologna

    Legacoop Bologna

    Legacoop Bologna is one of the main local units in Emilia-Romagna. It represents 200 associated companies with a production value of more than 9 billion, 500,000 members and 16,500 employees.

  • Locality

    Jess Steele
    Jess Steele Associate Director: Community Organizing

    United Kingdom

    Locality’s vision is to make every community a place of possibility and to foster a new spirit of enterprise that can deliver the practical changes. Locality’s mission is to create communities where people can take control of their lives, where they can feel happy and safe, and where they can feel a sense of pride and ownership.

  • Social Traders

    Social Traders
    David Brookes
    David Brookes Managing Director

    Social Traders

    Social Traders is Australia’s leading social enterprise development organization. Established in 2008, it is dedicated to supporting the development of commercially viable social enterprises.

  • Karl Polanyi Institute of Political Economy

    Karl Polanyi Institute of Political Economy
    Marguerite Mendell
    Marguerite Mendell Director, Karl Polanyi Institute of Political Economy, Concordia University

    Karl Polanyi Institute of Political Economy, Concordia University

    Dedicated to the memory of Karl Polanyi, the Karl Polanyi Institute of Political Economy was established in 1988. Our mission is to preserve his intellectual legacy & to contribute to urgent policy debates on alternative and innovative development strategies, both locally and internationally.