GSEF invites you all to the GSEF2020 Mexico City

On the 9th July, the official press conference and signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Agreement (MOU) marked the official launch of the 5th edition of the biannual Global Social Economy Forum, GSEF2020 in Mexico City, which will be held from the 21st to 23rd of October next year.

The MOU for the organization of GSEF2020 was signed by GSEF's Secretary General together with the Director General of the National Institute of Social Economy of Mexico (INAES), the Secretary for Economic Development (SEDECO) and the Secretary of the Labour and Employment Promotion (STyFE) of the Mexico City Government.

GSEF Steering Committee (SC) members and International Advisers also joined in the official launch at the City Hall, which immediately followed this year's 3rd GSEF SC meeting.

At the press conference, Dr. Claudia Sheinbaum, the Head of the Mexico City Government and Mr. Won Soon Park, Mayor of Seoul and Co-Chair of GSEF shared welcoming and encouraging words on the importance of the social and solidarity economy (SSE) and the collaboration between the two cities and reiterated their commitment for the success of the GSEF2020.

Previous editions of the Global Social Economy Forum were held in Seoul, South Korea (GSEF2013 and GSEF2014); Montreal, Canada (GSEF2016); and Bilbao, Spain (GSEF2018). This 5th edition will be celebrated for the first time on the Latin-American continent, bringing a focus on the issues of diversity, inclusion and sustainability. 

The objectives of GSEF2020 are:

  • To provide opportunities for the exchange of experiences and knowledge among SSE actors from all around the world, with emphasis on Mexico and other Latin American countries, without excluding other countries and regions - with the purpose of presenting, analyzing and discussing relevant experiences and success stories regarding social and solidarity economy in today's world;
  • To support the creation of SSE networks through alliances among local, federal and national governments and SSE entities and networks;
  • To promote solidarity and cooperation in order to improve the environment, foster sustainable economic development and generation of quality jobs, as well as encourage the empowerment of young people and promote the rights of women and indigenous peoples and communities

Have a look at the GSEF2020 official launch trailer video!


For more information, please visit the SEDECO website (in Spanish).

Please stay tuned for more information which will be made available on the GSEF2020 official website, (the website will be launched shortly).