GSEF Social Economy Session at the APAY National GS’s Conference

12-15 Jul, Yangon, Myanmar

GSEF Co-chairman Rev. Song organised a session on the social economy on the 14th of July at the Asia Pacific Alliance of YMCAs’ national General Secretaies’ conference in Yangon. 16 Member countries in the reigon gathered to discuss YMCA’s Quadrennial Plan (2016-2019) and the contribution of social economy in establishing the YMCA’s strategic action plans at the local and national level such as youth-led micro enterprises and cooperatives.

Through the session, Co-chairman Rev. Song highlighted the role and importance of the Social and Solidarity Economy in Asia and had a Q&A session with the General Secretaries of APAY. Main thems discussed as below;

  • Historical background of social economy
  • Relevance and significance of social economy in contemporary Asia
  • Examples of social economy in Korea, other parts of Asia and beyond.
  • YMCA’s strategy for the active engagement in social economy.

APAY has a significant potential to leverage social enterprises operating in Asia and the Pacific Region and as a steering committee member of GSEF will be cooperating closely with the GSEF to promote the SSE particuarly in the field of community and youth.