Meet the GSEF Team


Aude Saldana

Secretary General (GSEF Secretariat) -

Aude Saldana is the Secretary General of GSEF since April 2022. In this capacity, she advocates for international recognition of the central role of SSE in achieving Sustainable Development Goals. She supports the members of the network, on behalf of the GSEF, in their collaboration and advocacy efforts with local and national governments, the European Union, international organizations and United Nations agencies.... She coordinates the implementation of the GSEF action plan and translates into action the aspirations of the Presidency and the 86 members of the network to better respond to the current socio-economic and environmental challenges, with the aim of promoting a cooperative environment where all stakeholders can meet, exchange best practices or experiences and identify common challenges. The GSEF supports the development and strengthening of networks of private and public actors involved in the SSE. GSEF positions itself alongside local governments in the co-construction of their SSE policies. Before joining GSEF, she worked for international NGOs both abroad and in France. In particular, she held the position of Director of Programs in Afghanistan and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) for Caritas-Etats-Unis (CRS) before returning to France as the Aquitaine Regional Coordinator for the NGO Médecins du Monde. The support of self-help networks, cooperatives, and local collective development initiatives has been at the heart of the projects she has directed, both in rural and urban areas. She has worked to support, develop and strengthen the capacities of local civil society actors by defending a democratic governance model where the search for benefits allowed for a local development objective as well as the collective project of community members. She holds a DEA in political and social history and a Master's degree from the Sorbonne in Development and International Cooperation (international relations, humanitarian environment and project management). She also has a linguistic background and recently completed a degree in sustainable development.

Martin Georges

Program Coordinator (GSEF Secretariat) -

Martin Georges joined the GSEF Secretariat on June 1, 2022. He contributes to the development of GSEF projects (capacity building, research, networking), with a focus on supporting the organization of the Dakar Global Forum GSEF2023. Prior to joining GSEF, he worked at the national level as a Commons Development Officer, with an advocacy and engineering component (for digital inclusion). He also lived and worked in Southeast Asia in the sustainable tourism sector, as a partnership officer (Ho Chi Minh City). He is involved in education and youth involvement (student cooperatives, CRESS Nouvelle-Aquitaine, RIPESS Europe), also in new cooperative forms (multi-stakeholder cooperative, entrepreneurships mutualized). Martin holds a Master's degree in Social and Solidarity Economy, Social Innovation from Sciences Po Bordeaux.