GSEF Social Economy Session at the PrepCom III

25 – 27 Jul, Surabaya, Indonesia

GSEF together with FMDV hosted a joint session at the UN Habitat III preparatory committee (PrepCom III) in Surabaya. The PrepCom III is the last meeting for finalising the New Urban Agenda of UN Habitat III which will be officially adopted in October 2016 at the Quito Conference. GSEF Secretary General Laurence Kwark with other partner institutions contributed to the New Urban Agenda dialogues through the joint session on the urban economy and urban development financing.

Below is the list of session participants and the briefs of their discussion topics.


Laurence Kwark (Secretary General, GSEF): Implementing transformative economy and finance through the SSE (Social and Solidarity Economy)

Philippe Akoa (President/director RIAFCO, FEICOM): Local financing institutions: Mainspring catalyzers of the implementation of the New Urban Agenda, the example of the RIAFCO and FEICOM in Africa

Anggraeni Irawati Hermantyo (Secretary General, RIPESS-Asia): Collaboration between community based organization in SSEF (SSE Financing) and local governments: partnering for success

Emmanuelle Pinault (Head of City Diplomacy, C40): Financing the city projects and (PPP) Public-Private Partnership to have positive impacts to tackle climate changes


Carlos De Freitas (Director of Programmes, FMDV)
Through the session, GSEF contributed to the global efforts of setting the New Urban Agenda for the Habitat III and extended its global network with other leading organisations.