2015 the GSEF Steering Committee Meeting

Date of Publication: 
November 2015
Publication Type: 
Case study

Agenda items which have been agreed and approved by the Steering Committee (SC)


  • The GSEF SC actively promotes following items to hold the GSEF 2016 Montreal General Assembly successfully. Also, to promote the social economy and cooperation between members.

    1. The GSEF SC members (cities and organizations), will be participating in the GSEF 2016 General Assembly. The GSEF SC members will discover the best practices in the social economy to be shared during the GSEF 2016

    2. In order to support the participation of many local governments and social economy networks to be presented at the GSEF 2016, the GSEF SC members promote the GSEF 2016 through their networks, promotional tools and distribute the ‘call for proposals’.

    3. In order to share and spread the knowledge and experience of members, the GSEF SC members share their best policy practices. Also SC members develop and encourage exchange programs between GSEF members.

    4. In order to promote knowledge transfer, joint research and cooperation in diverse areas, The GSEF SC members induce universities, research institutes and enterprises' participation in the GSEF.

  • Approval of the GSEF Secretary General Appointment

  • A decision on postponing GSEF membership fee payments

    1. The GSEF SC agrees on postponing membership fee payments (annual fee and registration fee) for all members and extra postponement of the membership fee after the year 2017, shall be decided during the GSEF 2016 General Assembly.

    2. In order to provide financial․policy support to least developed countries / the Global South and to induce small-medium size cities’ participation in the GSEF, The GSEF SC has decided to reflect following items in priority when they review matters on membership fee payments after 2017.

  • Review of GSEF charter amendments

    1. Simplifying the registration process of new members; from the review of SC and approval of the General Assembly to the review of Secretariat and approval of SC (Article 4.1)

    2. Explicitly stating that the chair city bears expenses of secretariat’s management including hiring staffs (Article 8.4)

  • Appointing additional GSEF SC/Honorary members

    1. As suggested by the co-chairman of GSEF, the GSEF SC agrees on appointing ‘Asia and Pacific Alliance of YMCAs’ (APAY) as the member of GSEF SC

    2. GSEF SC appoints Prof. Mauguerite Mendell, as a GSEF honorary member

  • Misc. (Suggestion from the GSEF co-chairman to the SC)

    1. The SC member cities (organizations) will actively implement the requests from Montreal.

    2. The GSEF SC members submit a list of influential research institutes (researchers) also, research institutes (researchers) which are in direct cooperation and research materials on SSE to the GSEF secretariat.

    3. The GSEF SC members submit the opinions on cities (organization) and research institutes which they would like to cooperate with to the GSEF secretariat.

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