Seoul Social Economy Network (SSEN)

Member since: 
November 2014
Seoul Social Economy Network (SSEN)


Seoul Social Economy Network is a private organization established by individuals and groups which have been participating in social economy to lay a foundation for promoting social economy not only in Seoul but in South Korea.

Forming networks with various social-economic institutions, the organisation has been carrying out various projects to allow the basic spirits of the social economy – reciprocity, solidarity, communication, and innovation – to be understood by citizens and take root in Seoul.

Seoul Social Economy Network has been establishing a cooperative system among private sectors in the process of social, economic policy making in Seoul City, through which the organization has been playing a critical role in building private-public governance.

Socio-economic bodies such as social enterprises, cooperatives, self-sufficiency businesses, and community businesses and their consultative groups have joined the organization's efforts, where related laws and regulations are revised to build local governance and promote the social economy.

In cooperation with the businesses, the organization has also facilitated exchange and cooperation with the National Assembly, local governments, and local councils to boost the social economy.

In particular, Seoul City chose the institute as the operator of the Seoul Social Economy Center where the organization also contributes to the ground. Seoul Social Economy Network will strive to let the economy structure take root in Korea, where everybody is happy based on the social economy.

Core Businesses 

  • Enhancing the ecosystem of the social economy through solidarity among private social economy networks;
  • Designing policies and pursuing revision of related laws and regulations to promote the social economy;
  • Establishing and operating private governance of social economy in Seoul City;
  • The boosting capacity of social economy institutes through exchange and joint projects;
  • Laying a broader foundation for the social economy through establishment and operation of a nationwide network of social economy;
  • Promoting and providing education to raise public awareness of the social economy.