Next Generation of Social Economy in Korea (Next G)

Member since: 
September 2021

Next Generation of Social Economy in Korea (Next G) is a Korean network of SSE actors (social enterprises, intermediary organizations, academic institutes, individuals etc.) dedicated to promoting SSE as an integrated solution for the more inclusive and sustainable economy and environment. The mission of the network is to find a collective solution through SSE to tackle the environmental and economic crisis by creating opportunities for networking and collaboration among SSE actors in Korea and other countries.

The network has a strong interest in nurturing the next generation of SSE actors in civil society. The network's areas of businesses are:

  • Exchanging knowledge and information on the SSE sector in Korea and other countries
  • Advocating the values of SSE (people-centered, cooperation, and democracy) as principles for a sustainable future
  • Capacity-building of SSE actors in Korea through international knowledge and human exchange

The founding members of the network consist of around 20 Social enterprises, intermediary organizations, and researchers in Korea.