Member since: 
September 2021


ConcertES is the concertation of representative organizations of the Social Economy in French-speaking Belgium (Wallonia / Brussels). ConcertES currently has 18 members and brings together federations of integration operators, integration operators through economic activity, operators of specific sectors (local services, recycling), operators of development of Social Economy as well as social enterprise federations and transversal federations.
The French-speaking Social Economy has 12,000 employing companies, 179,000 full-time equivalents and represents 12% of employment in Wallonia and Brussels (2018).


Social Economy as an alternative! It is by placing the values carried by Social Economy at the heart of the purposes of businesses that the actors of Social Economy intend to respond to citizens' quest for meaning and usefulness and contribute to the sustainable development of our societies. 


Representation and consultation

As a single point of contact with Belgian institutions, ConcertES ensures an important watch on the development of many regional, federal and European issues concerning Social Economy. This work is based on a detailed analysis of the various files, a follow-up of parliamentary work and a work of information sharing, discussion and consultation between the different federations. The search for a common positioning is essential in order to best ensure this representation mission.

Studies and promotion

To illustrate the dynamism of Social Economy and feed the thinking of SE actors, ConcertES attaches significant importance to the qualitative and quantitative study of Social Economy. The Social Economy Observatory and the shared website allow, among other things, to present Social Economy in many aspects.


A fervent defender of the values of Social Economy, ConcertES favors a mode of operation based on participation, democracy and cooperation. As consultation is the primary function of the organization, collaboration with member federations underpins all action.
ConcertES is structured with the plenary General Assembly (made up of all the members of ConcertES, which meets four times a year), the Board of Directors (which provides a support role for the general secretariat, and meets once per month) and the executive team, made up of 7 employees.