‘Let’s Collaborate’ Social and Solidarity Economy actors in Seoul responding to COVID-19 challenges

The COVID-19 pandemic, which no one expected, has seriously shaken and confused our daily lives. 

Nevertheless, Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) enterprises and organizations, which have long worked to solve social problems in the community, have made the value of 'together' shine as they collaborate more with communities and present new ideas amid the COVID-19 crisis.

In Seoul, SSE actors with the support from the Seoul Social Economy Center (SSEC) visited those actors who are putting efforts close to the daily lives of citizens in various fields. The following video series “Let’s Collaborate” share with us stories from three organizations how they turn the COVID-19 crisis not only into opportunities to serve the community but also to come up with new ideas and projects.

All the videos were produced in Korean with English subtitles:

Let’s Collaborate! - Neighborhood services for daily hygiene and disease prevention.
Episode 1: hygiene and disease prevention services in the community  

In the With-COVID-19 era, we urgently need to find a way to live our daily lives by preventing and protecting against the virus. There are social enterprises in Seoul to provide neighborhood services for daily hygiene and disease prevention with easy access for the community.

Let’s Collaborate! - New Approaches to face contact-free era
Episode 2: Non-face-to-Face Transition
Let's meet the story of a social and economic organization that proposed a new solution through a non-face-to-face business transformation of the Korona19 crisis.
Non-face-to-face concert QR code art market
Non-face-to-face performance experience kit
Digital tourism, online tours
Let’s Collaborate! - Integrated Community Care Service System “Dolbom”
Episode 3: Integrated Community Care Service System “Dolbom”

In Seoul, Social Economy actors present efforts in the form of a community care system. The community care projects "Partners of sharing and caring in my village“ plays a role as a platform for social economy organizations who provide community care services through a joint collaboration system to respond to the needs from the community.

You can find more videos from the SSEC on their webiste: https://sehub.net/archives/category/archive/video