iSTAR Challenge Fund: call will be open from 5 March


iSTAR Challenge Fund: call will be open from 5 March!

The iSTAR Challenge Fund seeks innovative solutions, and encourages public-private partnerships that boost vocational skills, training, and education for Indian youth to prepare them for the future of work. iSTAR would facilitate public private partnerships (PPPs) in skills training to meet the needs of different segments: rural and urban youth, girls and boys, drop-outs (at various levels) and school graduates, and those seeking employment locally and regionally. Funding windows, guidelines and criteria are included below.

Awards under the Challenge Fund would be up to a maximum of $50,000 per proposal awarded to support the implementation and scaling of their solutions. Applications will open on 5 March and will close on 15 April 2021. Both for-profit and non-profit organisations are welcome to apply, as long as they are registered in India and have been in operation for at least 2 years. Entities based outside India can also apply as long as they partner with an Indian registered organisation. For more information, you can visit

There will be an orientation session on 5th March. For more information about this session please visit