Webinar series on SSE for the Members of Parliament in Mexico organized by INAES

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International Advocacy

Webinar series for the promotion of SSE among the Members of Parliament in Mexico co-organized by INAES and GSEF2021's Local Organizing Committee 

The National Institute of Social Economy of Mexico (INAES, el Instituto Nacional de la Economía Social), in collaboration with GSEF and GSEF2021's Local Organizing Committee, organized a series of webinars for the promotion of the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) among Members of Parliament in Mexico. This series consisted of 6 webinars organized every Tuesday from 26th May till 30th June under the theme of 'Strategic Discussions: Co-create a New Social and Economic Model for our Society' with the main objectives of raising awareness about the importance of the co-creation of public policies to promote SSE; sharing experiences and knowledge from other countries; and, establish a dialogue between policy makers and SSE actors for future collaborations and partnership. All six sessions included interventions from speakers and various discussants. 

Laurence Kwark, Secretary General of GSEF, was invited to speak in the 5th session and shared experiences and her insights about the challenges faced and strategies adopted by local governments and SSE actors in the context of the COVID-19 crisis, including initiatives from GSEF members and partners collected through the ongoing GSEF2021 Preparatory Series of Webinars

No    Date Topic  Speakers
1 26th May
Strategic changes of the social and economic models against COVID-19
  • Mr. Juan Antonio Pedreño, President of Social Economy Europe and of the Spanish Confederation of Social Economy Enterprises (CEPES)
2 2nd June
Social Economy: social inclusion and well-being 
  • Mr. Juan Carlos Urgiles 
  • Mr. Hernán Rodas 
3 9th June
Social Economy as a vehicle to achieve sustainable development
  • Ms. Maude Brossard-Sabourin, Chantier de l’Économie Sociale, Québec, Canada
4 16th June 
Public policies for the Social and Solidarity Economy ecosystems: the role of policy makers
  • Ms. Antonella Noya, OECD 
5 23rd June 
Social and economic model in the post COVID-19 era: what challenges and how to overcome them?
  • Ms. Laurence Kwark, Secretary General, GSEF
6 30th June 
Premise for better governance: public policies for the Social Economy
  • Ms. María Luisa Albores González, Minister of Welfare, Mexico 
  • Mr. Joaquín Pérez Rey, Secretary of Labour and Social Economy, Spain 
  • Ms. Maravillas Espín Sáez, Director General of Autonomous Business of Social Economy and Corporate Social Responsibility, Spain 
  • Ms. Luisa María Alcalde Luján, Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, Mexico