Launch of the Third Cycle of Webinars on SSE and the COVID-19 Crisis

The webinar series organized by GSEF in collaboration with the GSEF2021 local organizing committee continues, as the completed webinars have attracted over 2500 attendees.
The documents related to the previous webinars can be found here (1st cycle) and here (2nd cycle).

In July, the webinar sessions will revolve around the theme of The Power of Community: SSE and Financial Systems to Fight Against the COVID-19 Crisis. What impact has the crisis had on social and solidarity finance and how has this sector been made a priority? What tools should be used and what strategies implemented in order to maintain decent work within communities, particularly in disadvantaged areas most affected by the crisis? What synergies are possible between sectoral actors on the regional and global levels?
We welcome you to consult the information below regarding the different sessions organized on this topic and to join us in our discussion!

July 7, 2020 (Tuesday)

Title: Le pouvoir de la communauté: ESS et systèmes financiers pour lutter contre la crise du COVID-19
Language: French
Time: 9:00 (Montreal time) / 13:00 (GMT) / 15:00 (Paris time) / 20h00 (Phnom Penh time) / 22h00 (Seoul time)

  • Mr. Jean Luckner Romulus, National Coordinator, Popular Finance Collective (KOFIP), Haiti
  • Ms. Denise Fatoumata Ndour, General Administrator, Sen’Finances Foundation, Senegal
  • Mr. Philippe Guichandut, Director of Inclusive Finance Development, Grameen-Agricultural Credit Foundation
  • Mr. Jean-François Simon, Head of the Local Support Measures Unit, Avise, France
  • Mr. Milder Villegas, General Manager, Filaction, Canada
  • Mr. Philippe Garant, Executive Director, Quebec Social Investment Network (RISQ) & President of CAP Finance, Canada

Moderator: Ms. Laurence Kwark, Secretary General, GSEF

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July 14, 2020 (Tuesday)

Title: El poder de lo comunitario: ESS y sistemas financieros solidarios para enfrentar la crisis
Language: Spanish
Time: 9:00 (Mexico time) / 14:00 (GMT)  
Objective: Establish an open dialogue between the agents of the solidary financial systems in Latin America to share contributions, opportunities and, challenges of the social bank in the global economic recovery process, given the context and the market conditions caused by the COVID19 pandemic.

  • Mr. Geovanny Cardoso Ruiz, Director of BanCoDesarrollo (Bank for the Development of the people). Ecuador
  • Mr. José Manuel Cruz, President of Confederation of Savings and Credits Cooperatives of Mexico CONCAMEX (Confederación de Cooperativas de Ahorro y Préstamo de México). Mexico
  • Mrs. Siria Jeldes, President of the Business Cooperative Forum. Chile
  • Mr. Mario Cafeiro, President of the National Institute of Associativism and Social Economy. Argentina


  • First part: Contributions. The coronavirus pandemic and its economic and social impact have challenged us to think about ways to create more effective local collaborative finances that have a greater impact. What are the proposals of Savings and Credits Cooperatives? Which paradigms have transformed social banking? Which other alternative tools do social banking use? What are the differences, in terms of other management approaches, such as capital societies, to fight against the current crisis?
  • Second part: Challenges and opportunities. What is the fine line between being an authentic social bank and another financial institution not fulfilling social needs? What is the profitability of solidarity finances? Which public policies have been implemented in your respective countries, in comparison with countries, such as Germany, where social banking is particularly relevant? How to encourage the savings culture and the social banking model in daily life?

Moderator: Mr. Luis Proaño, Director of the Project Cuba of Sparkassenstiftung/BMZ, CEO of the German Service Foundation

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July 21, 2020 (Tuesday)

Title: The Power of Community: SSE and Financial Systems to Fight against the COVID-19 Crisis
Time:  08:00 (GMT) / 10:00 in Brussels / 11:00 in Kampala-Nairobi / 15:00 in Bangkok / 16:00 in Singapore-Hong Kong / 17:00 in Seoul-Tokyo

English-Korean simultaneous interpretation will be provided in this session.


  • Patsian Low, Chief of Staff, Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN)
  • Clifford N. Rosenthal, Author of Democratizing Finance / Former CEO of Inclusiv (National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions)
  • Jongduk Jung, Engagement Manager, Social Value and Solidarity Foundation (SVS Fund), Korea 
  • Dr. Frank Aswani, Executive Director of East Africa Region, African Venture Philanthropy Alliance (TBC)

Key Questions:

  • What impacts have the COVID-19 crisis brought to the speakers' cities and members, in particular on finance actors in SSE like foundations and philanthropic entities, ethical banks, financial cooperatives, solidarity finance, SACCO, mutuals, etc. ?
  • What are the responses of those finance actors to the impact of COVID-19 in collaboration with their members or/and partners in the community?
  • What types of innovative financing structure will help SSE actors to access finance in the post COVID-19 period?
  • How should public authorities, community and finance actors in SSE join hands together to set strategies for the recovery of our economies in the post COVID-19 era?

Moderator: Ms. Laurence Kwark, Secretary General, GSEF

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