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Webinars organized as part of the 1st cycle of GSEF2021 preparatory series of webinars

Date Language Title
26 May 2020 French Défis et stratégies de soutien à l'économie sociale et solidaire en période de crise du Covid-19
3 June 2020 Spanish Desafíos y Estrategia de la ESS en tiempos de la crisis del COVID-19
9 June 2020 English Challenges and Strategies of SSE in Times of COVID-19 Crisis

Webinar on 'Challenges and Strategies of SSE in Times of COVID-19 Crisis'

This webinar was successfully held on 9th June with more than 100 participants from 45 countries.  
You may refer to the summary and PPT presentations in the download section below for more information.

The speakers included:

  • Mr. XIA Xuan, Founder, Star of Social Innovation, China
  • Ms. Lynn COLLINS, Strategic Relations and Engagement Advisor, Liverpool City Region Combined Authority (LCRCA), United Kingdom
  • Ms. Nonhle MEMELA, Programme Manager, eThekwini Municipality, South Africa
  • Mr. Cho Ju Yeon, CEO, Seoul Social Economy Centre, South Korea
  • Mr. Anthony Wong, Business Director, The Hong Kong Council of Social Service, Hong Kong, China

Moderator: Ms. Laurence Kwark, Secretary General, GSEF

Webinar on 'Desafíos y Estrategia de la ESS en tiempos de la crisis del COVID-19'

This webinar was successfully held on 3rd June with more than 1,800 registrations. 

Opening remarks:

•    Mr. Fadlala Akabani Hneide, Secretary of the Economic Development Division, Mexico City Government 
•    Ms. Laurence Kwark, General Secretary, GSEF Secretariat  

The speakers included: 
•    Mr. Ariel Guarco, President of the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA), Argentina 
•    Ms. Margarita Hernández, Superintendent of Popular and Social Economy, Ecuador 
•    Mr. Nicolás Cruz Tineo, Director of  Associative Economy Development Institute (IDEAC), Dominican Republic
•   Mr. José Mari Luzarraga, Co-Founder of LEINN & Mondragón Unibersitatae Team Academy, Basque Country, Spain 

Moderator: Mr. Juan Manuel Martínez Louvier, General Director of the National Institute of Social Economy in Mexico (INAES) 

Key points of the discussions:
•    SSE is a resilient movement that can lead the way for small and medium businesses affected by the COVID-19 crisis 
•     Platform cooperatives are growing as a result of the increasing need to stay at home
•    The pandemic has raised concern in the territories; we all hope to respond to the pandemic at a local level, in which the SSE cooperatives and actors can contribute greatly. 
•    We must plan measures that include SSE to combat the crisis, especially in regards to the employment loss. It is important to consider enterprise recovery in order to overcome, in the shortest time possible, this employment crisis.
•    Youth is a key actor for the new technologies.
•    There is an education crisis caused by the closure of universities and a paradigm shift. Based on the cooperative model, we can find new methodologies in education to revive it, implementing tools, but above all, focusing more on the human factor and SSE.
•    We shoudl work on strengtheing the visibility of the SSE movement, and we should also make their values and contributions visible for raising-awareness of consumers. 
•    We are facing the unknown unprecedented challenges, however it is possible to overcome it with courage, hope and, most importantly, by bringing our efforts together.

Webinar on 'Défis et stratégies de soutien à l'économie sociale et solidaire en période de crise du Covid-19'

This webinar in French gathered over 80 participants from all continents.

What challenges are SSE actors facing in the context of the COVID-19 crisis and how can local governments ensure that the sector's needs are responded to? Beyond the emergency responses, in what way can SSE combat the major impacts of this crisis and prepare for the post-COVID19 era? These are some of the questions that guided the discussions.


  • Ms. Pauline Effa, Managing Director, Partnership France-Africa for Development (PFAC), Member of ESS Forum International
  • Ms. Aminata Diop Samb, Director General, Municipal Development and Solidarity Fund (FODEM), City of Dakar, National Coordinator (International Relations and Development), Network of Non-State Actors and Local Authorities for Social and Solidarity Economy (RACTES),  Senegal
  • Mr. Mohamed Salhi, Coordinator, Moroccan Space for Social and Solidarity Economy and Environment (EMESSE), Morocco
  • Mr. Pascal Duforestel, Counselor Responsible for the Social and Solidarity Economy, Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region, Vice-President of the Network of Local Authorities for a Solidarity Economy (RTES), France
  • Ms. Patricia Andriot, Counselor for the Community of Communes Auberive-Vingeanne-Montsaugeonnais, Vice-President of the Network of Local Authorities for a Solidarity Economy (RTES), France 
  • Ms. Johanne Lavoie, Commissioner for Social Economy, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Moderator: Ms. Laurence Kwark, Secretary General, GSEF

A summary of the questions that were raised and answered is available in French only below (right click on the picture) and in the Download section of this page, as well as the webinar presentations.