Ngece Rinjeu Foundation

Member since: 
April 2020

Ngece Rinjeu Foundation for Education and Economic Empowerment (NRF) is a registered non-governmental, non-profit family-sponsored foundation with an aim of empowering youth and women through education, agriculture and green-entrepreneurship. NRF was founded in the year 2001, as an education and climate mitigation focused group that supported needy children in Kenya. It was formally registered as Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) under the section 10 of the NGO Coordination Act, laws of the Republic of Kenya, in 2013; 12 years after  its formation.

Ngece Rinjeu Foundation promotes the adoption of clean energy in households and the cultivation of oil crops by women and youth for energy and nutrition for economic, social and environment gains in Kenya. NRF works to empower women and youth to achieve economic benefits from nature as they contribute to environment conservation and climate change mitigation & adaptation.

The foundation was born in memory of Dr Ngece Rinjeu, a traditional doctor, whose life was focused on bettering the living standards of people in Kenya. Ngece Rinjeu’s philosophy was that no child should have to drop out of school due to poverty, hunger or disease. In his memory, the foundation seeks to further his vision of education for all in Kenya and promote environmentally sustainable economic empowerment initiatives among youth and women that positively impact the community, and the welfare of the family unit.