Star of Social Innovation

Member since: 
May 2020


Star of social innovation of Shenzhen Social Enterprise Development Promotion Center is the first non-profit institution major in social enterprise certification and providing social enterprise incubation services.Registered in Shenzhen in January 2017, the star of social innovation is in the goal of building a “Chinese Social Enterprise Incubator” and the mission of “to Promote the Development of Chinese Social Enterprises”, and insist the core idea of “public interest first, business operation second”. The center has passed the certification, incubation, empowerment, spread, consulting, products and influence investment like social enterprises “1+6”model service products. It also help traditional social organizations to transform and realized the sustainable public welfare, supporting enterprises to join in the solution of social problems and return to the original social enterprises responsibility, to promote the government to support social enterprise development policies and solve social hot issues effectively, and let the service foundations and the influential investment institutions to participate in social enterprise development.

The center is trying their best to realize the view of "help Chinese become a powerful national social enterprise". The star of social innovation as the first third-party institution involved in social enterprise certification, it has been entrusted by China Charity fair and has been carried out the social enterprise certification for more than 1300 enterprises and institutions throughout the country since 2016.
Up to September 2018, the amount of the social enterprises they have been finished the certification was 234 and widely in 47 cities of 27 provinces, it covered in the area of 14 social fields such as environmental protection, accessibility services, community development, public welfare finance, pension, education, employment of vulnerable groups, agriculture, poverty alleviation, internet, public safety and women equity. The center not only participate in the National Social Enterprise Certification of China Ci Exhibition, and also as a major partner to participate in carrying out local social enterprise certification and service work in assisting with Foshan Shunde District, Chengdu, Beijing and Shenzhen Futian District through many methods such as certification standard R&D, certification implementation, social enterprise incubation, social enterprise service and impact assessment .

The team of the star of social innovation has been independent from the China Charity Fair docking team and has more than 5 years of resource docking experience and social enterprise certification and service experience in China. It has established for more than 1500 Chinese social enterprise databases. Nowadays it is cooperate with government, universities, foundations, enterprises and other support institutions to build an ecological system of social enterprise services in China.