GSEF Training & Workshop Series: Capacity Building Workshop on the Social and Solidarity Economy in Mexico

27 Nov 2019 to 28 Nov 2019
Category of project: 
Knowledge Exchange and Trainings

This year, GSEF has organized a series of capacity-building trainings on Social and Solidarity Economy in Dakar, Senegal (May) and Kampala, Uganda (August) and Seoul, South Korea (October). In November, a workshop in Mexico was organized by the National Institute of Social Economy of Mexico (INAES) and GSEF, offering the opportunity to exchange best practices in achieving equitable and sustainable local development through social and solidarity economy, and the challenges they face to build a favorable and sustainable ecosystem for the SSE.

The objectives of the workshop were the following:

  1. Raise awareness of the Social and Solidarity Economy sector and its impact on the sustainable development of the territory, and at the same time, understand and raise awareness of the importance of public policies to promote the Social and Solidarity Economy;

  2. Exchange experiences of sustainable economic development based on social economy and community and social entrepreneurship, as well as to provide a space for networking among stakeholders to share practices, knowledge and opportunities for the creation of inter-cooperation alliances between actors at the regional and international levels;

  3. Emphasize the relevance of continuous capacity development, as well as training opportunities in the community.

    This workshop invited 111 participants, governments at municipal, state and federal levels, and the Social and Solidarity Economy actors and universities to the program consisting of discussions, debates, and plenary sessions on the history and context of Mexico including main actors of the sector, and the experiences of alliances from Quebec, Canada, and the Spanish Confederation of Social Economy Enterprises CEPES and the Castilla La Mancha region from Spain.

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