Beninese Social and Solidarity Economy Group (GBESS)

Member since: 
July 2019

The Beninese Social and Solidarity Economy Group (GBESS) was created in 2008 and brings together organizations that are active in the promotion of SSE in Benin and for the recognition of SSE at an institutional level. GBESS is comprised of 11 member organizations: 2 women's groups, 1 foundation, 1 federation of producer unions, 1 national network of CAVECA (Village-level Savings and Credit Associations), and 5 NGOs. GBESS' activities are supported and financed by the NGO CBDIBA (Benin Centre for the Development of Initiatives at Grass Root Level), which took the initiative of its creation and also provides the association with a secretariat.

GBESS intervenes in the areas of activities of its members, in particular the women’s groups and has helped to manage a capacity-building project.

As part of its activities aiming at the recognition of SSE and its introduction within the development plan, a GBESS delegation has met with:

  • The President of the 7th Parliament (National Assembly)
  • The former dean of the University of Abomey-Calavi
  • The office of the Minister of Economic Planning and Development
  • A delegation from the office of the Minister of Labor and Public Service

GBESS has also signed a cooperation agreement with the Economic and Social Council (CES), based in Cotonou.

GBESS' latest statutory general assembly was held on 10 June 2019. GBESS is a member of the African Network for Social and Solidarity Economy (ANSSE).