Network Initiative Spirit of the Social and Solidarity Economy (REIESSG)


The Network Spirit of Initiative of the Social and Solidarity Economy (REIESS) is the first associative actor of SSE in the Region of Guelmim open to the different components of the social economy, namely cooperatives, associations, mutuals, foundations, economic interest groups and professional unions. It is one of the public spaces in which we can share a free debate on the issues of social and societal responsibilities in development projects.

The REISESS was created on January 31, 2015 under the chairmanship of Mr. Youssef Ellouxe, from a gathering of 16 organizations active in the field of the social and solidarity economy. The creation of the network was initiated from meetings with the Moroccan Network of Social and Solidarity Economy (REMESS) and other experts in the field of ESS in Morocco.

REIESS works on several objectives, among which the promotion of self-employment through IGAs/VSEs; support for women's cooperatives and young project promoters; and, building the capacity of civil society through awareness raising, training facilitation, pre- and post-project support, national and international exchange visits and personal coaching.

The network has forged successful partnerships with the following organizations:

  • Provincial Council
  • Ministry of Youth and Sports (MJS)
  • Office of Vocational Training and Promotion of Labor (OFPPT)
  • The World Bank
  • INDH Morocco 


Many socio-economic projects and actions based on values of cooperation and solidarity are already at work within the network.

Project name Objectives
Supervision and accompaniment of itinerant merchants
  1. Oversees itinerant merchants
  2. Develop income-generating activities
  3. suppport itinerant merchants in their projects
Green entrepreneurship and strengthening of civil society 'SWITCH-MED' Promote the emergence of eco-entrepreneurship initiatives that adopt new models of socially inclusive green businesses. At the same time, this component also promotes a model and values that promote sustainable consumption by consumers and the general public
Micro-Entrepreneurship strengthening Project for Disadvantaged Youth in the Informal Sector Provide non-financial support to 50 young people in the creation of income generating activities and/or creation of micro enterprises or cooperatives
Mobnet Promotion of youth employment in the Mediterranean and youth exchanges
Creation of an ecosystem of social entrepreneurship in Morocco Create a social, economic, political and academic ecosystem of social entrepreneurship in Morocco

The perspectives of the Initiative Spirit Network of the Social and Solidarity Economy are as follows:

  • Territorialization of SSE practices by giving the local community the lead role
  • Revisit the values of companies of the ESS (cooperatives, associations and mutuals ...)
  • Positioning southern Morocco in relation to other regions and the country as a platform for coordination and cooperation on SSE, human rights and development in general
  • Build new national and international partnerships

Contact details

Address: 23 avenue Far, Guelmim, Maroc
Tél: +2125 28 87 32 16