National Network of Support to the Promotion of the Social Solidarity Economy (RENAPESS Mali)

Member since: 
January 2019


In the face of the harmful effects of ultra-liberal globalization on the populations and economies of the least developed countries, grassroots socio-professional and development support organizations in Mali, in all sectors, considered it appropriate to federate by creating, on 10 July 2003, the National Network of Support to the Promotion of the Social Solidarity Economy (RENAPESS Mali).
It was created in order for the actors of this initiative to develop a tool to strengthen and share their experiences, skills, methodologies, strategies and means of action to be more resilient and more influential.


RENAPESS-Mali seeks to contribute to the definition, development and implementation of national economic, social and cultural policies so that they meet, as much as possible, citizens' local development expectations.
Thus, RENAPESS-Mali works to promote partnership dynamics between social and solidarity economy actors, both at national level and at the continental and international levels.


The promotion of the social and solidarity economy in Mali through the strengthening of member organizations and the synergy of their actions in the field.


General Objective: to promote the Social and Solidarity Economy at the national, continental and international level as a sustainable alternative to the ultra-liberal economy.
  • help mitigate the perverse effects of ultra-liberal globalization through shared alternative proposals based on solidarity;
  • promote the social and solidarity economy in Mali through a wide range of information, training and sharing on its concept, values and principles, as well as knowledge, know-how and practices capitalized by the actors in their chosen fields of activity;
  • support the sustainable economic and social development of women and young people through the promotion of social entrepreneurship in the territories; 
  • value cultures in local economic development processes;
  • support high value-added initiatives that provide jobs and income, especially for young people and women;
  • support the development of innovative import substitutes for consumer products, technology and technology for production, processing, information distribution, education and training.

Governance and Members

RENAPESS is a national network headquartered in Bamako.


  • General Assembly of members, supreme instance
  • Board of Directors composed of 23 members
  • A Permanent Secretariat 


RENAPESS currently has 67 socio-professional organizations in the priority economic sectors in Mali (agriculture, livestock, crafts, fishing) as well as NGOs and trade unions organized around six (6) operational and complementary poles related to 1) agriculture, fishing, livestock and the environment; 2) craftsmanship; 3) social development and gender; 4) youth, employment and social entrepreneurship; 5) solidarity finance; and, 6) fair trade and solidarity tourism.

RENAPESS is a founding member of the African Network of Social and Solidarity Economy (RAESS). Since 2003, it has been part of the Intercontinental Network for the Promotion of the Social Solidarity Economy (RIPESS), which brings together Social and Solidarity Economy movements from all continents, and the GSEF since January 2019. 

Main Areas of Action

  1. Political advocacy mainly related to the adoption of public policies and sustainable development strategies
  2. Institutional and organizational support for members to strengthen the capacity for action and resilience of the most vulnerable socio-professional groups such as women and youth
  3. Research - Action for development (economic, socioprofessional, scientific and cultural domains)
  4. Networking social movements

Major Achievements

  1. GSEF member (since January 2019)
  2. Participation at GSEF2018 in Bilbao
  3. Participation at GSEF2016 in Montreal
  4. Held the RAESS Permanent Secretariat in Mali since April 2016
  5. Organization of two meetings of African networks of social and solidarity economy in Bamako (2016 and 2018)
  6. Several awareness campaigns on the concepts and approaches of the social and solidarity economy Mali between 2007 and 2018
  7. Participation at the United Nations Summit on the adoption of the post 2015 agenda (New York, USA, 25-27 September 2015)
  8. Participation at the 3rd United Nations International Conference on Financing for Development (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 13-16 July 2015)
  9. Advocacy and support for the adoption of a national policy of promotion of the social and solidarity economy by the Government of Mali (2009-2014)
  10. Participation at FIESS 2011 in Montreal
  11. Mobilization of social and solidarity economy organizations across Africa for the creation of the African Network of Social and Solidarity Economy (RAESS) in 2010
  12. Member representing RAESS on the Board of Directors of RIPESS (2009-2016)
  13. Participation at the Dakar meeting on the Globalization of Solidarity (2005)
  14. Organization of the Bamako meeting on the elaboration of the African Vision of the social and solidarity economy (June 2005)
  15. Coordination of a week of social and solidarity economy, every year during the last week of October since 2005, in collaboration with the Ministry of Solidarity

Contacts details

Tél: +223 20 21 53 80 
BP. 2744 , Bakaribougou, près CNAPESS, Bamako, Mali