GSEF 2019 Programs of Activities

Global Social Economy Forum
2019 Program of Activities


Main strategic direction for the year 2019

  • To expand the impact of SSE by diversifying range of programs and territories of action based on the outcome of the GSEF2018 in Bilbao and requests from members
  • To strengthen GSEF's role as international hub for SSE by providing research and training on SSE policies and practices and collecting data on SSE initiatives
  • To activate knowledge exchanges among members and to manage resources on SSE’s impacts systematically.
  • To improve network governance and administrative capacity of the secretariat

Area of Activities
1. Statutory Meetings (Steering Committee and International Advisors' Meetings)
2. Research 
3. Networking Building and Advocacy
4. Regional Policy Dialogues
5. Regional CapacityBuilding Trainings and Case Studies
6. International Training in Korea
7. Youth Program
8. Communication and Archiving

* For more detailed programs, please refer to the enclosed file.
** Please understand that this is the first draft based on members' suggestions and feedback. Please feel free to send your comments and opinions to the GSEF secretariat via email (