[GSEF2018] Youth Session: How the young actors have changed the society through SSE?_YECN

SSE Organisation
Future of Work / Technology
Youth / Education

Presented at: GSEF2018, Bilbao, Spain
Organization: Young European Cooperator’s Network
Date: Oct 1st, 2018
Presenter: Ana Aguirre
Title: Youth involvement in SSE

Summary : 

Before YECN was created five years ago, there was no strong and formal network of youth cooperatives in Europe. However, by recognizing that a political movement is an important tool for social development, we have realized keenly the necessity of a youth network. In this context, YEC was established. “Young European Cooperators’ Network(YECN) is an informal network of young people working in or for cooperatives that is willing to strengthen the coop movement in Europe.”

Cooperatives are not the first choice when the young people gather to build a company. There is no place teaching the cooperatives to the youth as an option, including business schools. However, cooperatively, youth can work together and cooperate more democratically.

It is necessary to consult about cooperatives’ values and methods. There is a young team called TZBZ who plays this role. TZBZ is a people-centered team focused on creating a positive in the world fostering innovation. The team is a cooperatives team with a mean age of 20-26.

They believe that people are not just workers, but owners in the company who are responsible for their projects and sharing it. So, they are concerned with educating young people about cooperatives’ value and democratic methods. Youth should stand what they want and need to share what they know.
Youth should support not only young people but for all generations. Since the issue of social equality is not only a matter for young people, but a problem for all, therefore, all generations must work together to solve it.