Green Asia Network calls for partner organisations for their 'Self-Reliant Eco-Village' project in Mongolia

Green Asia Network is looking for orgasniations to collaborate in their Self-Reliant Eco-village cooperative program in Mongolia.

The Government of Mongolia reports that 90% of the country is suffering from desertification, exacerbated by an increase in the average temperature by 2.14°C over the past seventy-five years, as well as by wind erosion, which has affected more than 60% of the country. To combat the desertification, Green Asia Network is planning to establish sustainable community-based forestry product cooperatives (fruit processing plant and seedling production facility) to increase the resilience of rural communities in Mongolia affected by climate change while restoring the environment. The project includes transforming a local benefit society (organized in a previous project phase) into a community-based cooperative and producing and disseminating research on lessons learned, case studies and best practices.

For further details about the project, please find attached the document. For partnership, you can consult with Ki Chul Oh (Chief Executive Officer, Green Asia Network,