Youth Session in 'GSEF2018'


           - How the young actors are changing the society through SSE?

GSEF2018’ is now less than a month away!

In ‘GSEF2018’, the biggest SSE forum around the world, GSEF secretariat will host the youth session for the youth who are working in the SSE field or has been interested in SSE. Youth players who are working at the international level in the SSE will be gathered from all continents and discuss about the facing difficulties and solutions for it.

Please, come and share the youth’s voice and connect with them.

Background of the Session:

The GSEF focused on the agenda of youth and SSE because we, the GSEF member local governments and SSE organizations, believe that;

1) The youth are main actors of local development embodied with the values of social economy - inclusiveness, sustainability and equality.

2) The youth can find a solution for their own issues including unemployment, underemployment and under-engagement through SSE.

3) The youth are the innovators or successors of SSE movements through their voices and representation in the current SSE organizations.

From the recognition, the youth initiative of the GSEF started from the adoption of “Montreal Declaration” by the participants of the GSEF2016 in Montreal in 2016. As an action plan for 2016~2018, the Montreal Declaration mentioned that youth should be recognized and supported as ‘important actors for the future of the SSE movement’. Based on that, the GSEF has been working on international training and networking programs for young practitioners of SSE, such as the Global Youth Camp in 2017, Korea and thematic sessions on the youth change makers at the 9th World Urban Forum in 2018, Malaysia.

Objectives of the Session:

The proposed session will be a presentation of GSEF’s work on youth for last two years to the GSEF members and broader audiences and become an agora;

1) To diagnose current social and economic status of the youth in local context and see how SSE could be a viable strategy to enhance their engagement to the society. 

2) To share each presenting groups’ experiences and best practices on youth with other participants of GSEF2018 and offer the opportunity to connect with other young practitioners of SSE.

3) To find a role of the international network in increasing youth engagement in the SSE movements.

4) To build a core group of youth network in GSEF for further collaborative projects, for example, Youth Camp 2019.