[APD 2018: Social Enterprise Mutual Aid Fund] Korea Central Council of Social Enterprise Mutual-aid Fund

SSE Organisation
Social Finance / Impact Measurement
Public Policy / Legal Framework

Presented at: Asia Policy Dialogue, Thematic Dialogue Group 2. Funding from communities, Seoul 2018

Organisation: Korea Central Council of Social Enterprise(KOSE) Mutual-aid Fund 

Date: July 6th, 2018 

PresenterMs. Sun Young Kim (Team Manager) 

Contact: zest0917@gmail.com


  • The Korean Central Council of Social Enterprises (KOSE) is a network of social enterprises, non-profit, independent from the government. The uniqueness of the mutual aid fund is that it helps oneself. It provides loans to businesses and employees in social enterprises.
  • The function of the social enterprise mutual fund is that it provides funds for small social enterprises. The aid enables social enterprises to achieve self-reliance rather than depending on external resources.
  • The future development of the mutual-aid fund includes membership expansion, a variety of products, legal framework, and organizational independence.
  • The issue of the mutual aid fund includes the inflexibility of public matching funds, maximizing impacts and scaling up through mixed finance,
    designing mixed finance and empowerment of intermediary organization asthe matchmaker between funds and social enterprises, and better policy coordination among departments.