[APD 2018: Setagaya's supports to citizens' activities] Setagaya City

Local Government
Social Finance / Impact Measurement
Urban & Rural Regeneration / Community
Governance / Eco-system
Public Policy / Legal Framework

Presented at: Asia Policy Dialogue, Regional Dialogue Group 1. Northeast Asia, Seoul 2018

Organisation: Setagaya City, Japan 

Date: July 6th, 2018 

PresenterMr. Nobuto Hosaka (Mayor of Setagaya) 


The Setagaya community design funds which have a history of 25 years. The money comes from the Setagaya ward, and the evaluation criteria are how the community has improved. A manager(Japanese trust bank) collects the donation from companies or individuals. The amount of money is 30 million Yen from the government and contribution of 40 million Yen in total 190 million Yen. Within the 13 years, we focused on how to use the initial money collected.

There are four types of project: First Step, ‘Community Design Projects, Teenagers’ community, and glittering stars community projects. Glittering stars project offers money in addition support personnel support. The annual budget for this year is $100,000. Flittering $55,000 the others $45,000. The money has been granted to 374 organizations and the amount in total of $1,800,000 until 2017.

In 2011 a petition was granted in the city. The regulation was enforced in 2015 September, and the minimum wage system was integrated. The overall wage rate has increased due to the ordinance.

Projects of using vacant houses for the local community. Vacant houses were being effectively used for different purposes. For example, the Happy house is where we help to raise children, where isolated mothers can come to might with other mothers. The Tagayase Okura is used as a day care centre. One of the most successful cases is called share Okawa where people use for concerts.