Montreal Summit on Innovation

Montreal Summit on Innovation

23 May 2018


Montreal Summit on Innovation held under the theme Entrepreneurship + Social Impact : boosting Montréal’s potential for collaboration Conference : Sustainability now!

Can finance save the world? So thinks Bertrand BAdré veteran and former Director of the World Bank, who will be presenting SN!, a conference on sustainable investment. President and Founder of Blue like an Orange, Badré stongly believes that “ ethical capitalism” is the new normal for finance. BLAO aims to provide capital for sustainable growth that benefits every one, from investors to the projects and SMEs it invests in to the communities that surround them.

Discussion panel : What is the future of food? / Renowned chefs will engage with the issue of local food together with a famous Quebec farmer, expert on organic agriculture

Collaborative experiences / Director of the Center for research on social innovations (CRISES) will conduct the first workshop “Hit your targets: Measuring social impact”. Also experts from UQAM’s Management and Technology Department and Maison de l’innovation sociale’s director of Social Entrepreneurship will run the workshop “Come together: Collaborating for social innovation”.

The City of Montréal aims to foster the participation of local social economy enterprises, start-up and B-corp, in particular small enterprises of les than 25 employees who usually do not have the financial capacitu to attend those events. in offering 35 entries.

You can find out further information about the summit here

this news article is written by City of Montreal and Chantier de l'économie sociale (GSEF Communication Working Group)