Seminar: Common, towards a new paradigm?

Seminar: Common, towards a new paradigm?

14 June 2018, Montreal 

Organizers: by the Research Chair on ecological transition, the Chantier of the Social Economy, the TIESS (Innovative Territories in Social and Solidarity Economy) and Solon Collective.

In recent years the notion of "the commons" has been gaining traction. Following the work of Elinor Ostrom (Nobel Prize in Economics 2009), the application of this notion to the use of infrastructure, spaces, data or even cities has produced innovative research and action by practitioners and municipalities. Today, a growing number of actors (businesses, civic groups, municipalities, etc.) have coalesced in different localities to describe current practices, to improve their actions, to give them meaning, and to situate them in a perspective of social transformation.

In Quebec, applying a commons lens to seems particularly promising when thinking about how to manage the environment, data or the social economy. The Chantier coorganised a seminar on June 14th that brought together actors from diverse backgrounds in order to draw attention to this concept and its potential contribution to improving the mobilisation, democratic practices and collective usage in these areas.

this news article is written by City of Montreal and Chantier de l'économie sociale (GSEF Communication Working Group)