AVPN Korea Roundtable – Australian case of impact investment

GSEF SC member AVPN hosted the Korea Roundtable 2018 on ‘How we can create the impact investing sector with cross-sectoral approach through Australia, Korea, Asia experience’ in Seoul on the 21st Feb. Keynote speeches were provided by C dot (AVPN Korea Advisor) on mapping the Asian landscape of impact investment practices and Rosemary Addis (Chair, Impact Investing Australia) on the experience of Australia in developing impact investment strategies and fostering its eco-systems. Also, there were live discussions between other invited attendees from key social impact investment organizations in Korea wherein social impact investments is increasing getting public attentions and interests with the launch of the National Advisory Board on impact investment to reinvigorate Korean economy while achieving social values. To find more about the round table and the case of Australia, you can check out the attachments which include a publication by Impact Investing Australia.