Kampala City (Nakawa Division)

Member since: 
January 2017

Nakawa Division Urban Council is the local governing entity of Nakawa division, Kampala City. The council has good social economy policies and strategies for start-ups which has helped the council register over 300 saving & credit societies, co-operatives through the directorate of gender and production. The council has about USD 500,000 for community based organisations and co-operatives.  

The Authority

The Authority is a corporate body with perpetual succession and may sue and be sued in its corporate name and enjoys or suffers anything that may be done, enjoyed or suffered by a corporate body.

The Authority is the governing body of the Capital City and administers Capital City on behalf of the central government subject to this Act.

Any enactment that applies to a district shall be subject to this Act and with the necessary modifications, apply to the Authority.

Composition of Authority

The Authority consists of the following members:

  • The Lord Mayor;
  • The Deputy Lord Mayor;
  • One councillor directly elected by secret ballot to represent each electoral area in the Capital City on the basis of universal adult suffrage; 
  • Two councillors representing the youth, one of whom shall be female; 
  • Two councillors with disability representing persons with disabilities, one of whom shall be female;  
  • Women councillors are forming one-third of the Authority such that the councillors elected under paragraphs (c), (d) and  (e) shall form two-thirds of the Authority;
  • One councillor representing each of the following professional bodies: 
    • A person is not qualified to be a councillor unless he or she is a citizen of Uganda. 
    • Uganda Institution of Professional Engineers;
    • Uganda Society of Architects;
    • Uganda Medical Association;
    • Uganda Law Society.
    • Directorate of Education and social services

The Education and Social Services Directorate (ESD)

The Education and Social Services Directorate (ESD) has the mandate of providing, supporting, guiding, coordinating, regulating and promoting quality Education, Sports, Recreation and Tourism activities to the community in Kampala City that is geared towards individual and national development.  The mandate of the Directorate Strategic Direction Education and Services Department has defined its strategic direction as fostering a learning and productive community. It focuses on the development of tourism information in the City.

 Core Functions of the Education and Social Services Directorate

 The Core Functions include the following:

  • Design Education Management System; Plan and Manage the Pre-primary, Primary, Secondary, Special Needs Schools and Institutions of the City including the provision of the facilities and learning materials;
  • Plan and conduct periodic supervision and inspections to assure the quality of the curriculum, methods of teaching, and classroom and dormitory facilities;
  • Plan and conduct professional development programs for the teachers and education managers including formal training, refreshers, knowledge exchange and work-based programs in the primary, secondary, special needs schools and vocational institutions;
  • Plan and provide Adult and Children Library services for the Community and Library support to the Schools in the City;
  • Plan, conduct sensitization and awareness of the education services in the City and manage the provision of alternative education programs for children without access to the formal education;
  • Plan, monitor and supervise the private education providers in the City to ensure conformity with the educational standards;
  • Plan and monitor the implementation of sports and recreational programs in the City;
  • Develop, monitor and evaluate the impact of the tourism development strategies on the City