Platform of Youth Organizations of Toulépleu (POJeT)


The Platform of Youth Organizations of Toulépleu (POJeT) is an organization based on cantonal, independent, apolitical and non-confessional type.

POJet regroups twenty (20) youth organizations (departmental, municipal, village, Christian, Muslim, Youth Movement of political parties, NGOs ...) and is an initiative of a group of peace-loving young people working for the establishment of a non-profit organization to help youth structures and more generally young people, to organize themselves in order to meet all the legitimate needs of their communities by promoting peace, social cohesion and a sustainable development.

Created in 2012, in post-conflict period in the Toulépleu department in Republic of Côte d'Ivoire, POJeT has always worked with professionalism at the level of means available. This allowed association to obtain legal recognition on June 22, 2015.


Achieving sustainable development by fully involving youth in prevention, conflict management, peacebuilding and local development.


  • To participate in the development of the Cavally region and the Toulépleu department
  • To help youth structures to organize themselves in order to meet all the legitimate needs of their communities
  • Strengthen relationships with the other platforms that are pursuing similar objectives
  • Contribute to the prevention of inter-community conflicts by promoting a culture of peace, tolerance, dialogue and consultation

Strategic framework & activities

  • To create a framework for reflection and exchanges through the organization of meetings, conferences, seminars and debates
  • To promote collective entrepreneurship through the realization of projects having a socioeconomic dimension
  • To contribute to the establishment of a local network of Social and Solidarity Economy for the sustainable development of regions affected by conflicts

Projects to be developped (coming soon)

Education for Values culture and peace through the Social and Solidarity Economy