CVSWDC (Conflict Victim & Single Women Development Centre)


Conflict Victim & Single Women Development Centre is working on the socio-economic development of single and conflict-affected women in Nepal.

Conflict Victim and Single Women Development Center (CVSWDC) at Kanchanpur and PEACEWIN at Bajura and Kapilbastu is led by Saathi district office.  

At the community level, the program focuses on raising awareness on Gender Based Violence (GBV) and building accountability and sensitivity of the community people and stakeholders on GBV issues.

For this, the program is coordinated with government and non-government stakeholders at national and local level. The effective implementation of the law against GBV and ensuring access to justice to GBV victim are the core areas of the program. Engaging men and boys has been one of the effective tools that the program has adopted for changing the mindset of the community and transforming perpetrators into peer educators and change agents. The program has also adopted strategic interventions such as community level awareness and advocacy campaigns, dialogue with service providers, sensitizing stakeholders, interaction with national and local level authorities, anti-alcohol campaigns, etc.