La Cuadra A.C

Latin America and the Caribbean

La Cuadra A.C. (Mexico City, Mexico)

It is a civil association that seeks to promote projects that transform the environment through community strengthening. La Cuadra A.C´s mission is to encourage a city and generate community by being a space that promotes environmental, cultural, social, artistic and citizen actions.

Objectives of La Cuadra

- Improve Life Quality

- Encourage community participation

- Generate citizen participation actions

- Promote new relationships between citizens and their environment

-  Improve public spaces

- Generate co-responsibility among the different local actors

- Encourage positive relationships between the public sector, the private sector and the community at the local level

- Promote more integrated communities

- Empower citizenship

*Every project is implemented based on its common well-being system model “SIBICO” set by La Cuadra A.C. (Find the attachment)

The initiative of La Cuadra A.C. “Huerto Roma Verde”

El Huerto Roma Verde is a community space, managed and promoted by La Cuadra Provoca Ciudad A.C. It’s based on the permaculture to generate an Integral Model of Urban Regeneration for Mexico City

General purpose: Develop, promote and motivate the Integral Model of Urban Regeneration that has one of its purposes to generate community and promote the development of Sustainable and Resilient Cities.

Seven integral objectives to develop, promote and motivate

1. Recovery of the link with nature in the city

2. Comprehensive and preventive health

3. Sustainable habitability

4. Community organization and participation

5. Models of solidarity economy

6. Development of adequate technology

7. Resilient culture and appropriate education

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