UNRISD policy brief 'Localizing the SDGs through SSE'

As part of the research project 'Social and Solidarity Economy for the SDGs: Spotlight on the Social Economy in Seoul' UNRISD has published a policy brief on 'Localizing the SDGs through Social and Solidarity Economy'.  

''Realizing the vision of the 2030 Agenda is more than just meeting its goals and targets. It ultimately requires changing the structures that generate inequality and poverty to ensure that no one is left behind. “Transformative localization” of the SDGs—that is, meeting diverse needs and transforming economic, social, and political structures at the local level in an inclusive, democratic and sustainable way—is crucial. Enterprises and organizations of the social and solidarity economy are attracting increasing attention from policy makers and practitioners as important players in processes of localizing the SDGs. This brief identifies some key factors for transformative localization, links them to SSE, and highlights related opportunities and challenges''.