[The Seoul Institute] Policy Direction in Seoul Metropolitan Government for the Sustainable Welfare System

Date of Publication: 
March 2017
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The Seoul Institute released a working paper about direction of policy in Seoul Metropolitan government for the sustainable welfare system. This report includes materials below:

1. Currently, Korean society needs to improve welfare quality to the international status, and there is necessity to improve structure in several sectors such as economic, social politics, finance and so on.
2. In these conditions, as Korea becomes an aging society and demand for social welfare rapidly increases, central and local governments feel high pressures since; the total amount of budget in welfare sector of central government is above 30%, the budget of welfare sector of Seoul Metropolitan government is 34.3% of the total budget of 2015, and demand of welfare finance in 2060 will increase to 29% of Korean GDP according to Korean Institute of Health and Social Affairs.
3. The increasing rate of social welfare sector is based on the increase of national support business, which requires comparatively high expense than any other sectors.
- National support business in health and welfare sectors in 2014 is very high with 10.7% of the total expense of the central government.
- This is not only 5.6% of increasing rate of total expense of central government between 2008 to 2014, but also above 7.9% of increasing rate of social welfare and health sectors.


Documents available for download: