GSEF Steering Committee (SC) Conference Call

12 Jan 2017

GSEF SC meeting via conference call held on 12th Jan. in total 12 GSEF SC organizations and 16 representatives and project manager of C.I.T.I.E.S also joined the call. Through the SC meeting, various agenda items were discussed such as GSEF project plans for the coming year as well as approval of 5 new membership applications from 4 local governments including Peru (Carabayllo, Ate, Pimentel), Uganda (Kampala City - Nakawa Division ) and the SSE network ‘HomeNet Pakistan'

Below are the main agenda addressed through the GSEF SC conference call

  • Annual Membership fee payments (to be resumed from 2017)
  • Review of GSEF main project plans (ILO-GSEF SSE Academy in June, Regional Policy Dialogues (Jun, Oct), Youth Camp for Social Innovation and SE (Aug), Hosting and Participating international meetings and conferences
  • Development of C.I.T.I.E.S projects

Further details of the SC meeting minutes will be uploaded on the GSEF website soon.