GSEF meetings with partners in Europe

23 Jan - 7 Feb, Lille, Paris, Barcelona, Bilbao

GSEF payed a visit to Europe to have a series of meetings with leading IOs, SSE networks and the city of Bilbao which is the GSEF2018 hosting city.

In Lylle, with RTES (an association of local municipalities in France Governments), GSEF discussed areas of cooperation such as capacity building of local governments and joint projects in the field of social economy. GSEF also attended the Mont-Blanc Meetings (one of the GSEF's SC members headquartered in Paris) to participate in MBM's project of reshaping its organisational design to international forum.

GSEF also had a meeting with UCLG in Barcelona to discuss process of establishing SE working group under the UCLG structure as well as preparing for the joint peer learning session at the Metropolis Congress in Montreal this June.

With the City of Bilbao (the hosting city of GSEF2018), efforts of mobilizing SSE civil society networks based in Basque and the preparation schedules for the forum will be addressed through a series of meetings.