[GSEF2016]: Community housing and technical resources groups, a social economy model at the heart of the sustainable development of cities

North America
Local Government
SSE Organisation
Urban & Rural Regeneration / Community
Governance / Eco-system

Presented at: GSEF2016 Montreal

Organisation: Association des groups de resources techniques du Québec (SSE organization), City of Montreal (Government and Public Agency)

Date: September 8, 2016

Presenter: Ms. Edith Cyr (Chairman), Mr. Russell Copeman (Responsible for housing, urban planning, real estate management and planning, and for the Montreal Public Consultation Office)



Québec has a unique and innovative community property and housing model that provides a permanent solution to the problem of access to housing for less fortunate households, while tangibly contributing to the urban development challenges facing cities and major metropolises. Carried out by social economy organizations (technical resource groups, cooperatives and non-profit housing organizations) in partnership with local and national public administrations, community property development is carried out within an integrated approach to urban development approach that includes the issues of social inclusion and diversity,  the revitalization of neighbourhoods, the showcasing of architectural heritage and sustainable development. Through a vast number of projects of housing cooperatives, of non-profit housing, of community spaces and buildings, these collective infrastructures have a major social and economic impact on the communities where they are established.