[GSEF2016]: Solidarity Economy as local development strategy in the municipality of São Paulo

South America
Local Government
SSE Organisation
Governance / Eco-system
Public Policy / Legal Framework
Social Service / Employment

Presented at: GSEF2016 Montreal

Organisation: Central de Cooperativas y Empresas de Solidaridad UNISOL Brasil (SSE organization), Secretaria do Desenvolvimento Trabalho e Empreendedorismo - Prefeitura de Sao Paulo (Government and public agencies)

Date: September 8, 2016

Presenter: Ms. Mariana Baptista Giroto (Solidarity Economy Coordinator), Ms. Sandra Inês Faé (Assistant Secretary of Department of Labor and Development)



In order to promote the inclusion and generation of revenues, the city of São Paulo has implemented a solidarity economy strategy for the city through multiple actions of the government and partnerships with NGOs. At present, 3.2 billion reais will have been invested in this strategy, mainly aimed at promoting incubation processes and access to the market of social economy enterprises through training and technical and professional advice. This result is derived from the articulation of different programs as well as the use of the purchasing power of the State. The strategy also covers the “Sao Paulo Open Arms” solidarity economy program for the psycho-social rehabilitation of people in a situation of social vulnerability and substance abuse through the purveyance of accommodation, the food the chance to work as a means to reduce misdemeanours.